Ushiro mawashi geri meaning

Back to TOP of Page. Horse riding stance. Feet shoulder width and straight. Feet shoulder width and pointed out. Uchu Hachiji-dachi. Feet shoulder width and pointed in. Heels together, each foot turned out at 45 degrees.

ushiro mawashi geri meaning

Feet and toes together. Half-moon stance. Crossed-feet stance. Cats foot stance. Uke Waza. Blocking Techniques.

Downward block. Rising block. Soto Ude-uke. Outside forearm block.

Mawashi geri

Uchi Ude-uke. Inside forearm block. Knife hand block. Backhand block. Palm block. Inside wedge hand block. Reinforced forearm block. Sweeping block. Tate Shuto-uke. Vertical knife hand block arm straight.


Tsuki Waza. Punching Techniques. Front punch. Lunge punch. Reverse punch.Mawashi geri may be executed from a variety of stances, and there are several methods of proper execution. In general, it is a lateral kick that strikes with the foot. Ideally, the foot that is on the ground during the kick points directly away from the opponent, but 90 to 45 degrees away from the opponent may also be acceptable.

If mawashi geri is being thrown with the lead leg, the lead leg comes straight up from the ground, moving into a position with the knee bent back and pointing at the desired target area on the opponent. Without stopping, the upper leg rotates inward to whatever angle the kick will be thrown at, and finally, the lower leg flicks out to strike the opponent, and then immediately back in.

If the kick is being thrown from the rear leg, another option is available. The rear leg lifts with the knee bent and pointing to the side, and the entire body rotates as the knee swings around to the front picture swinging one's leg over to mount a bicycle. The rotation of the body and lateral movement of the leg add to the momentum of the lower leg, which moves in and out the same as above.

The final possible variation is in the foot, itself. One may either strike with the instep of the foot with the ankle and toes extendedor with the ball of the foot ankle and toes bent back. Alternately, one could forgo the use of the foot entirely, and strike with the shin instead. Common targets for this kick include the head especially in competitionas well as the knees and floating ribs.

Kyokushinkai karate practitioners commonly use low mawashi geri attacks to strike the thigh of opponents whereas this move is less common in other styles. Martial arts have many different methods of delivering a roundhouse kick.

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One method involved bringing up the knee, and then swiftly turning the hip over and snapping the leg outwards from the knee to deliver a strike with the ball of the foot.

As the years have gone by, some martial arts schools also practice kicking roundhouse kick with the shin, which has always been the preferred method of Muay Thai. Another popular point of contact is with the instep, which, for safety reasons, is usually practiced when sparring in the martial arts school.

ushiro mawashi geri meaning

There are now more and more martial artists practicing the 'cutting roundhouse kick', this is where the practitioner will lift their attacking leg higher than the intended target, they will then execute the kick in a downward cutting movement.

It is a very effective attack against the thigh. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mawashi geri Roberto Baccaro attacks with mawashi geri. Michial Jones August Entering Through the Gateway of Gojuryu. Retrieved The South African Dictionary of Sport.

KarateFor Beginners And Advanced. Karate Terminology: Japanese to English Translations. Sajnog June Fundamentals of Freestyle Goju-Ryu. Ju-Jutsu: A Comprehensive Guide.

ushiro mawashi geri meaning

Simply Karate.Ushiro Geri is a very strong kick, the leg is stronger than the arm. In this page we will review, learn and study more facts and details of the back kick. This is a very effective kick which can save your life because it can push an attacker away from.

It can be applied to the knee, groin, stomach and even to the face depending on how flexible you are. The hip rotation creates the power in this kick. One of the most common mistakes is not to look where to kick.

Another advantage of Ushiro Geri is that it is more difficult to detect and block than Mae Geri. The disadvantage of Ushiro Geri that you can not directly visualize the target you want to hit, but you can only intuit it through peripheral vision.

First of all keep in mind there are several variations of Ushiro Geri but all of them share these step by step requirements:. Keep in mind you could be attack anytime anywhere.

You could be walking to your car, to a door and then out of the sudden your are pushed. This is what you can do. Without a question the back kick can be applied effectively in Kumite and in Self defense techniques, but it requires practice to master it. The intention of this page is to provide you with helpful information which you can use to improve your Ushiro Geri or Back kick. Follow our Social Media! Sign in. Log into your account.

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What Are Karate Classes Like? How to Improve Your Karate Sparring. Jun Tzuki- Leading Punch.Karate Terminology. The Japanese terms are used in all Karate dojos all over the world. Here are the meanings of the common terms:.

DAN: Black-belt grades. DOJO: word used for the place of practice of martial arts.

ushiro mawashi geri meaning

GI gee : The Karate uniform. In Shotokan Karate a white, cotton gi is worn. Helps rotate the hips and maintain the stable and precise delivery of the technique. KIAI kee-ai : A short, loud shout accompanying a sharp, strong technique. Helps release air from the lungs and relax the upper body so that the technique is more effective. Also helps focus mental energy and display spirit. KIME kee-may : Focus of power. KYU kee-u : Grades 8 to 1 - all color belts.

Any grade below a black belt. OBI o-bee : The Karate belt. OSU Oss : Indicates respect, acknowledgement, willingness and readiness to follow. SEIZA: A proper sitting position used for the formal opening and closing of the class, and whenever the instructor asks students to sit on the side to watch a demonstration of techniques or kata.

A term reserved for the chief instructor of the dojo, and other high-ranking members. Very few people in the world have achieved this ranking. Often the place where the picture of our founder, Gichin Funakoshi and flags are displayed. REI ray : Bow. A sign of respect, trust, and appreciation. May be done while standing, or while kneeling such as at the beginning and end of each class.

MAE: front.Discussion in ' Karate ' started by SamFeb 17, Log in or Sign up. Martial Arts Planet. Reverse Roundhouse. We were working on it tonight in class. Now generally I find I'm fairly flexible. So when doing RR I pick my leg up straight but slightly bent at the knee and bring it back in to meet the target Hope that made sense.

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The power is more generated from the Hip. However halfway through the line, sensei stops us and asks me whether I find it awkward doing it that way, then proceeds to show me how he does it.

How to do Ushiro Geri or Back Kick

His way he picks it up at first like a side kick and pushes it out then snaps the foot to meet the face, think backfist motion.

I tried this and found it bloody awkward. Now he didnt tell me my way was wrong. I can see some of the pros and cons in both ways of doing it. However I find the way I do it effective and can land with it, out of all my class I am the only one that does it this way. It works for me but thinking about it unless I whip it up it is way more visible to the eye of the opponent.

Any thoughts? Or am I just wierd? No wait don't answer the latter. Last edited: Feb 17, SamFeb 17, Hey if it works it works. It's obviously not bad form or you would have been picked up on it. There are two ways to do ushiro mawashi geri as far as I can tell :- one is an exaggerated circular style, like in the kung fu movies, and the other is a more precise slapping movement which is basically like a yoko geri just to one side of the opponent's face with a jerk inwards at the end.

You can do the same with kake geri or ura mawashi geri. I always think that the second is the more "karate" way of doing things, in that is it more controlled, and you can use it with the flat of the foot in touch contact sparring without knocking our opponent's head off.

But make no mistake, use your heel and it will break a jaw one of our sempais has done it! It's the speed of the short movement, not the power of the big arc that does it. Cheers for the info guys. Like i said i can definitely see the pros of the side kick set up method you can turn it into whichever of the kicks you choose so its easier to get them to think you're going for the wrong area. I find the circular movement is handy also because you can hook it to the back of their head almost, in close.

I'm going to make a conscious effort to train both ways mind even though i find the almost yokogeri bloody awkward, still we don't do things just because their easy. Thanks again. Actually, I try and alternate when doing basics, between the big move, the aim for touch contact with sole of foot, and the carrying through with heel.In this case, we will deem the league winner to be the winner of the subsequent playoff.

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Mawashi geri

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